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can dogs have teriyaki sauce

can dogs have teriyaki sauce

We all love our four-legged friends, but sometimes we can’t help but wonder – what do they really think of us? Well, one dog owner decided to find out, and the results may surprise you.

Can dogs have teriyaki sauce? It’s a question that’s been on our minds ever since we saw that irresistible bottle of sauce in the grocery store. So we did some research and asked a few experts. Here’s what we found out.


Dogs can technically have teriyaki sauce, but whether or not it is a good idea is debatable. Teriyaki sauce is high in sugar and salt, which can be harmful to dogs in large amounts. In addition, many teriyaki sauces contain onion or garlic, which can also be harmful to dogs. However, if you give your dog a small amount of teriyaki sauce as a treat, it should be fine.

What is Teriyaki Sauce?

Teriyaki sauce is a sweet and savory sauce made with soy sauce, rice vinegar, honey, ginger, and garlic. It’s often used as a marinade or glaze for meat, fish, and vegetables. Teriyaki sauce is easy to make at home, or you can buy it pre-made at the store.

Teriyaki Sauce and Dogs

Teriyaki sauce is a delicious, sweet, and savory sauce that is commonly used in Asian cuisine. The sauce is made by combining soy sauce, mirin, sake, and sugar. While teriyaki sauce is safe for humans to consume, it is not necessarily safe for dogs.

The main concern with feeding dogs teriyaki sauce is the sodium content. Soy sauce is the primary ingredient in teriyaki sauce and it is high in sodium. Too much sodium can be harmful to dogs and can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and excessive thirst. If your dog ingests too much sodium, he may also suffer from dehydration and seizures.Therefore, it is best to avoid giving your dog teriyaki sauce.

The Benefits of Teriyaki Sauce for Dogs

Teriyaki sauce is a great way to give your dog a delicious and healthy treat. The sauce is made from soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, and other seasonings, and can be used to add flavor to your dog’s food. Teriyaki sauce is high in protein and low in fat, making it a healthy option for your dog. The sauce also contains vitamins and minerals that can help keep your dog healthy.

The Risks of Feeding Teriyaki Sauce to Dogs

While the ingredients in teriyaki sauce are not toxic to dogs, the sauce does contain high amounts of sugar and salt, which can be harmful to your dog if consumed in large quantities. In addition, some brands of teriyaki sauce contain onion or garlic, which can also be dangerous for dogs.

If you do decide to give your dog teriyaki sauce, be sure to do so in moderation and only give them a small amount. It’s also a good idea to check the ingredients list on the sauce to make sure it doesn’t contain any onions or garlic.

How to Feed Teriyaki Sauce to Dogs

Many pet parents enjoy giving their dogs a little something extra to eat now and then, and table scraps are often on the menu. If you’re looking to give your dog a taste of what you’re having for dinner, you may be wondering, “Can dogs have teriyaki sauce?”

The short answer is yes, in moderation teriyaki sauce can be safe for dogs to eat. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind before sharing your meal with your furry friend.

First, teriyaki sauce is high in sugar, which can lead to weight gain and potentially cause diabetes in dogs if consumed in large quantities. Additionally, most commercially-available teriyaki sauces contain garlic or onion, which can be toxic to dogs. For these reasons, it’s important to only give your dog a small amount of teriyaki sauce as an occasional treat and not make it a regular part of their diet.

When feeding teriyaki sauce to your dog for the first time, always start with a small amount to see how they react. Some dogs may be sensitive to the high sugar content and experience stomach upset or diarrhea. If this occurs, stop feeding them teriyaki sauce and consult your veterinarian.

If you want to give your dog a treat that’s both delicious and nutritious, try making homemade chicken jerky strips! Simply thinly slice chicken breast meat and marinate it in a mixture of soy sauce, rice vinegar, honey, and sesame oil before baking in the oven until dried out. Your pup will love the savory flavor of these healthy homemade treats!


After scouring the internet for information, it seems that the answer to this question is a resounding no. While there are many different opinions on the matter, it is generally agreed upon by veterinarians and animal experts that teriyaki sauce is not good for dogs. The main reason for this is the high sugar content in most teriyaki sauces. Dogs can have a hard time digesting sugars, and too much sugar can lead to weight gain and other health problems. So while a little bit of teriyaki sauce might not hurt your dog, it’s probably best to avoid giving it to them altogether.


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